Even apart, kids should grow together!
Dangers outside have made it risky to play and build friendships outside like kids were used to.
If technology can bring Learn from Home to them, technology also can bring Friendships from Home to them!
Yalukids is a learning, growing, and friendship building network for kids.
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Yalukids is a service that enables parents to emulate a remote social networking experience for their children.

  1. As a parent, you sign up for a Yalukids account.
  2. Under your account, you create one or more child profiles.
  3. You switch to one of your child profiles. This allows you to act on behalf of your child.
  4. Within the child profile, you join Groups that match your child's interests (Age, Games, Arts, and many more.).
  5. You visit these groups, and show the content of them to your children. The content can be posts from other child profiles, or Yalukids admins.
  6. You explain to your child posts they like, and how creations from other children like themselves appeared here.
  7. If your child expresses any comments, you can type it in on their behalf.
  8. Your children can share their activities and creations in groups through you, and other child profiles will respond to them.
  9. Through mutual support and communication, you, your child, other parents, and other children build up a happy community for everyone.
  10. Everything goes through you first. You can make sure nothing unwanted come into contact with your child.

Totally Under Your Control

Children never actually use the service themselves. They only get to interact with others through you. You can totally control what they see and don't see.

Multiple Child Profiles

You can maintain multiple child profiles under your account. No need to create separate accounts for each of your children.

Report Content

We strive to make this platform absolutely child friendly. Help us do that by reporting anything odd you see immediately.

Dedicated Children's View

The Children's View is optimized to be viewed by children. Use it to make posts on behalf of your children, present other kids' posts to your children, and interact with them on behalf of your children.

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